Application No Site Address Development Description
LA02/2018/0934/F 27 Culnafay road Extension to Dwelling
LA02/2018/0801/O Between 47 & 43 Killyliss road Outline for Double Infill
LA09/2018/1672/O 2 Mulnavoo Road Replacement Dwelling
LA/02/2018/0915/F Kilnacolpagh Road Proposed Dwelling & Garage
G/2014/0438/F 25M W of 23 Kellswater Road, Ballymena Barn Conversion
LA02/2018/0206/F Between no.14 & no, 16 fisherwick Gardens, Proposed Dwelling & Garage
LA02/2015/0216/O 216 Lisnahunshin Road Infill Site
LA06/2016/1120/RM Rear of 44 Ballyhay Road Dwelling and Garage
LA02/2017/1005/F 33 Rankinstown Road, Proposed new entrance and laneway
LA02/2017/0856/O between 201 - 205 Moorfields Road Infill Site
LA02/2017/0945/RM WEST OF NO.201 MOORFIELDS ROAD, BALLYMENA Dwelling on a Farm
LA02/2018/0364/F Adjacent to No. 20 Tuftarney road, Dwelling on a Farm
LA/02/2018/0721/O Adj to 216 Lisnahunshin rd Dwelling and Garage on Infill Site
LA02/2018/0149/F Maboy Road Change Of House Type
LA01/2018/0440/F 61 Middlepark Road Extension to Dwelling
LA03/2018/0174/F Randalstown New Shopfront to Retail Unit
LA11/2018/0547/F 16 Springfield Road Replacement Dwelling
LA02/2016/0094/F 24 Larne Road Proposed Dwelling
LA03/2017/1075/NMC 60m NE of No.59 Cargin road Proposed Dwelling & Garage
LA04/2017/0572 Castlereagh Proposed Dwelling
LA02/2018/0783/F 145m North,East of 5 Ballytober lane Proposed Dwelling
LA09/2015/0448/F 24a Lisnawery Road, Augher Proposed Dwelling & Garage
LA05/2017/0758/O Site at 35 Feney Rd Replacement Dwelling
LA02/2018/0545/O 103 Largy Road Dwelling on a Farm
LA03/2015/0415/NMC 15 Dunsilly Road,Antrim Proposed Dwelling
LA02/2018/0801/O KILLYLESS ROAD, CULLYBACKEY Outline Planning Permmison
LA03/2015/0318/F Randalstown Retail - New Shop Front
LA02/2017/0122/LDP 17 Roughan road Proposed Farm Shed
LA07/2015/0573/O Ardigon Road, Replacement Dwelling & Garage
LA09/2016/0228/F 43 BALLYNARGAN ROAD Replacement Kennels and Pens