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Build cost or budget is one of the most important items of a project. Ensuring a build comes in on budget is stressful, time consuming and sometimes unmanageable, especially by self-build clients.

FmK’s Design and Build option allows clients to take their project from inception to completion with a fixed price and no unforeseen costs with the certainty that the build has been constructed to the Low Energy or Passive Standard that has been requested. With our extensive hands-on site experience, we can ensure that all details are constructed properly.

In our Design and Build option, we prepare the Tender Drawings, issue these, deal with all queries, details and whatever else comes up from the main contractor or also any other contractors/suppliers/tradesmen etc.

We then have to co-ordinate all the different aspects of the project to ensure the end result is what you the client have asked for, but also taking into account all the other things that need to be consider like;

BC regulations, Structural aspects, thermal detailing, insulation, general standard of work/finishes and mainly ensuring that what’s on the drawings is delivered and constructed on site as intended.

Other important aspects like a MVHR System or Air-Tightness Details need additional overseeing to ensure these are installed properly and will work to their maximum potential.

Contemporary Home near Randalstown

A ‘hassle free’ build is another major benefit, with all the problems and stress removed from the client, as your dedicated FmK project manager handles all aspects of the build right through to final handover.

This process also gives you peace of mind in that you have some protection or insurances to fall back on should there be any issues of problems after completion of the build.

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