Re-visit to a Self Build Ballymena

.....13.02.2020 Back on site to this self build ni home in Newtown-Crommelin 

Was good to get up with the snow to get some great photos of the landscape of this self build home. 

Building is moving onto the next step with it completed, roof and guttering on about to begin some Air Tightness.

Our self build client wants to have Air Tightness around all windows and doors within this self-build ensuring a low energy running home therefore saving money!!

Air Tightness is a sufficient use of products to ensure you get the best from your new build. 

Air Tightness materials/ products by Partel, Supplied by ECOHomes Store. 

We called out to bring all the Air Tightness materials on-site and do a quick on-site demonstration for our self build client on how to install the Air Tightness Tapes.

Are you doing a self build?

Do you want a low running cost home? 

Would like to Air Tight your home ?......

Then give FmK Architecture a call today on - 02825878650 or email 

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