About Us

Founded in 2009 by Directors Jason Fleck and Ronan McKee, FmK Architecture has been involved in a wide range of projects from small extensions to complex commercial projects. In 2012, FmK made the move towards Low Energy architecture and in 2015 the two directors trained to become Passive House Certified Designers and in 2018 also trained for Passive Certified Tradesman for hands on experience.

The Practice is a highly trained and close knit unit, with a range of highly skilled consultants used for support such as structural engineers and SAP Assessors. We take great pride in the level of work we produce and are client centred on our approach to their projects with end satisfaction the main goal.

Sepcialists in Low Energy and Passive Design

FmK have a extensive experience on site with our low energy designs and have developed and perfected our detailing for Low Energy and Passive design. As leaders in the energy efficient field, we do not expect our builders just to sort things on site such as airtightness or thermal bridging details. We have designed and developed all our own airthighness details with practical on site application in mind with on site training of the contractor as an integral part of the process. We have also thermally modeled all our details to ensure that they are cold bridge free and designed them to be straightforward to construct on site. FmK also design the MVHR layouts and positions with the buildings to ensure maximum efficiency and logical installation solutions. 

As the airtightness results we are expecting are critical to the Low Energy or Passive Home, FmK conduct our own intermediate air pressure test with our own equipment to find any issues before the construction moves on too far, as leaks when the project is completed cannot be remedied. 

At FmK all the elements of the design are analysed carefully for their performance to ensure that as well as a beautifully designed home, our clients are also building a highly energy efficient building that will be very cost effective over it's lifespan. 

  • Bespoke Dwellings
  • Home Extensions
  • Low Energy & Passive House Design
  • Housing Developments
  • Commercial & Industrial Buildings & Infrastructure
  • Low Energy & Airtightness Consultancy
  • Agricultural Buildings & Farm Sheds
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Outline Planning Applications for Sites
  • Planning Applications
  • PPS21 Advisors
  • NI Planning Permission
  • HMO Planning Applications
  • Consent to Discharge Applications
  • Building Surveys
  • Building Control Applications
  • Transfer & Deed Maps
  • Project Management
  • Thermal Bridge Analysis
  • CAD Drafting & 3D Modelling Outsourcing
  • As Built 33kv Cable Records (Windfarms)