CTY 10 –Sites / Dwellings on a Farm
Under the new Planning Policy, one dwelling is permitted on a farm every 10 years (applies from 2008 on).
The Planning Service has conceded that there is still a need for new dwellings on farms to accommodate both those engaged in the farm business and others who live in the rural community.
To help minimise impact on the character and appearance of the landscape these dwellings are to be located and grouped close with an established group of farm buildings.

New houses on farms will not be acceptable unless the existing farming business is both established and active for at least a period of 6 years. The applicant will therefore be required to provide the farm’s DARD business ID number along with other evidence to prove active farming over the required period.
Important facts about Dwellings on a Farm:

  •     Active Farm Business / Landowner
  •     Business ID / Evidence for 6+ years
  •     New site once every 10years
  •     Can be Sold-Off
  •     Visually linked with Existing Farm Buildings / Dwelling
  •     No Buildings – Best Location Available
  •     Existing Laneway (preferably)
  •     Also applicable for Equestrian farmers
  •     Special Circumstances: Out-lying Farms / Sites
  •     Access / Entrance