CTY 3 – Replacement Dwellings
Planning permission may be granted for a replacement dwelling where the dwelling to be replaced exhibits the essential characteristics of a dwelling and as a minimum all external structural walls are substantially intact.
In cases where a dwelling has recently been destroyed, for example, through an accident or a fire, planning permission may be granted for a replacement dwelling. Evidence about the status and previous condition of the building and the cause and extent of the damage must be provided.
The replacement of existing dwellings is important to the renewal and up-grading of the rural housing stock.
All permissions for a replacement dwelling granted under this policy will be subject to a condition requiring demolition of the existing dwelling or restricting its future use if it is to be retained as part of the overall development scheme.

Important facts about replacement dwellings:

  •     Suitable for anyone – not related to farming
  •     Exhibits characteristics of a dwelling
  •     Substantially intact
  •     Generally replaced on footprint
  •     Only replaced once
  •     Rates 1st Oct 2011 – old redundant/vacant dwellings
  •     Access / Entrance