Home Extensions and ImprovementsYou don’t require planning permission to extend or add to your house provided you meet a set of rules which came into operation on 6 April 2011.These rules set out what is allowed and not allowed without planning permission and applies mostly to the dimensions of the proposed extension, its position on the main house and its proximity to your site boundaries.You will need to apply for planning permission if:•    More than half the area of land around the ‘original house’ would be covered by additions or other buildings.•    The enlarged part of the house would be forward of a principal or side elevation and face onto a road.•    It consists of the provision of a basement.•    It includes the construction or provision of a balcony or veranda.Contact FmK to...Read More
PPS21 – Planning Permission in Northern IrelandPPS-21 is a set of rules introduced by the Planning Service to create more opportunities for development sites within the countryside. PPS-21 is an amended set of rules to replace the old PPS-14.PPS21 sets out planning policies for all of NI with the exception of town/village boundaries.The aim of PPS21 is to manage & develop the countryside.PPS21 supersedes all previous policies and previous greenbelts.It has been active now since 24th November 2008 as a final policy and has relaxed the restrictions on countryside development.  Who can apply for Planning Permission?    Basically Anyone!!    Anyone who fits into one of the Planning categories stated in PPS21    PPS21 is not restricted to AgricultureWhat are the main categories of PPS21?PPS-21 has brought in new rules to help...Read More
NI Planning Permission for Farm BuildingsYou do not always need planning permission to carry out development on a farm holding.Certain development on a farm holding is deemed to be permitted development. This includes works for the erection, extension or alteration of a building which are reasonably necessary for the purposes of agriculture.However the development must comply with certain requirements set out in the relevant legislation.Generally speaking planning permission is not required for changes to the inside of buildings, or for small alterations to the outside (e.g. the installation of an alarm box).For most other types of development and changes of use you will generally need to apply for planning permission.Contact FmK to discuss your own specific project.New farm buildings and extensions to farm buildingsIf you are intending to construct a new building associated with your...Read More
Applying for Planning Permission in Northern IrelandThe Planning System provides society with a way of controlling how we use land, what we build and where we build it. The Department of The Environment prepares and adopts documents called development plans, consisting of maps and written policies, which show where and in what quantity various types of development will be permitted.  The Department also administer a development management system to make sure that proposed development conforms to the development plan, current planning policies and other "material" considerations. The development management system helps to balance our need for uses of land and buildings such as homes, offices, factories and schools with our wish to protect and improve the environment.Decisions on whether to allow proposals to build on land or change the use of buildings or land...Read More