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New Project For An Infill Site in Ballymena

...14.03.24 We have a new project starting for an infill site near Ballymena! For More info on Planning permission 👇

PPS21 – Planning Permission in Northern Ireland:

PPS-21 is a set of rules introduced by the Planning Service to create more opportunities for development sites within the countryside. PPS-21 is an amended set of rules to replace the old PPS-14. PPS21 sets out planning policies for all of NI with the exception of town/village boundaries.The aim of PPS21 is to manage & develop the countryside.


Who can apply for Planning Permission?


Basically anyone!! Anyone who fits into one of the Planning categories stated in PPS21. PPS21 is not restricted to Agriculture.


What are the main categories of PPS21?


PPS-21 has brought in new rules to help development which can only be applied under the following categories:-


CTY 2a- New Dwellings in Existing Clusters

CTY 3 - Replacement Dwellings

CTY 4 - Building/Barn Conversions

CTY 8 - Infill Sites / Gap Sites

CTY 10 - Dwellings on Farms

CTY 11 - Farm Diversification

CTY 6 - Personal & Domestic Circumstances

CTY 7 - Dwellings for Non-Agricultural Business

CTY 9 - Residential Caravans & Mobile Homes

What do I do now?

If you think you have a site, a building to replace or convert, or need advice, contact FmK now and we will discuss with you the options available.

We offer a free office or site consultations for all our clients to determine the viability of making Planning Applications.


At FmK we only take on viable applications and as a result have an impressive approval rate! See link at bottom of page for list of all our planning approvals


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