Friday, September 27, 2013

Size: 2152 Sq.Ft - single storey
Type: FmK Standard ECOBuild Spec with fully integrated renewables including:
Air Source Heat Pump, Solatr Thermal Panels, Solar PV Panels and MVHR Completion: ETC Febuary 2014
Site: Countryside, VIews to Lough

Neagh Description: This bespoke dwelling was designed around a central courtyard / patio area with all the main rooms have access and full height glazed panels opening onto it. The structure is simple in form with emphasis on internal flow of space from one to another and a feeling of light throughout. Part of the brief was to remove any need for oil heating, so a combined system was implemented by FmK to run all heating and hot water requirements from the air source heat pump which in turn is fed by electricity from the Solor PV panels, thus providing a oil free and self fueling system. A heat recovery ventilation system along with solar thermal panels for hot water supplement this system to give a modern and self sustaining home.

Conceptual View of internal patio

April / May 2013 - Subfloor level

June 2013 - Blockwork complete to wallplate

September 2013 Roof Complete, Solar Panels Installed, Windows partially fitted.