Wednesday, July 1, 2015

On Site with our next FmK ECOHome

On this ECOHome we have added further details in relation to air-tightness and cold-bridging. As a result we will have a super preforming low-energy, low-cost home.Here is a 3D Concept Image of what our next FmK ECOHome will look like

Front Elevation

Like all our FmK ECOHomes, this one is enjoys a FULL-MASONRY build; taking all the benifits of the tried and tested cavity wall construction method; but with our innovative detailing and build spec, meaning an excellent low energy home!

On Site
Works started on site on 02nd September 2013.
Founds have been poured and footings built and subfloor is in!!

Templepatrick Ecohome foundation stage

Client & FmK ECOHomes Contractor at foundation stage

Super structure due to commence 30th September...
September - From the Ground Up
Week 1 - Was the installation of the foundations and poring of the concrete subfloor.
Week 2 - Its now towards then end of September, the good weather is starting to give way and we are now back on site to start the super structure.

Templepatrick Ecohome walls formed on ground floor

Walls formed on Ground Floor

The first of our specialist details are installed where we use lightweight thermal blocks at foundation level to reduce cold bridging

Lightweights blocks used to reduce cold bridging in Ecohome Templepatrick

Lightweights blocks used to reduce cold bridging

October – Up to First Floor
Week 3 - Towards the end of week 3 the walls are now fully built to first floor level with all openings formed.

Front elevation of Templepatrick Ecohome at end of week 3

Front Elevation – End of week 3

Walls Plastered behind the Floor Joists prior to installation – this is to provide air tight construction, as concrete blocks are not air-tight, however sand/cement plaster is.

Templepatrick Ecohome floor joists are installed on masonry hangers

Floor Joists are installed on masonry hangers

Floor Joists are installed on masonry hangers and not built into walls – this is to provide air tight construction. when joists are built into walls, there can be small holes or shrinkage crack left after construction - these all add to the air leakage of the building.

FmK EcoHomes specialist detail for thermal reveals, Templepatrick

Our FmK ECOHomes Specialist Detail for Thermal Reveals

Another potential weaknes point on standard builds is the window and door reveals - here we use our special FmK Thermal reval which helps reduce the cold-bridging effect at this point and again help the overall performance of the building.

November – First Floor Construction
Week 7 – All of first floor construction completed, wallplate installed and ready for roof trusses to be spread.

Templepatrick EcoHome front elevation - first floor complete

Front Elevation - First Floor Complete

FmK thermal wallplate detail in Ecohome Templepatrick

FmK - Thermal Wallplate Detail

Another area which can be a weakness point on standard builds is just below the wall-plate, as there can be a reduction on the amount of insulation installed here - here we use our special FmK Thermal wall-plate detail which helps reduce this problem and create a better, warmer detail.

Stepped Chimney detail on EcoHome Templepatrick

Stepped Chimney Detail

Templepatrick Ecohome Roof Level

Ready for Roof  

Early November - Week 8  and wall plates fully installed, gables and chimney built and ready for roof trusses to be installed then felt, lathed and tiled. 

Roof Complete on EcoHome Templepatrick

Roof Complete

 Week 10 - Roof completedand fully tiled, ready for the internal works to begin 


Parapet Porch Roof on EcoHome Templepatrick

Parapet Porch Roof

First Fix - Electrics marked out in EcoHome Templepatrick

First Fix - Electrics marked out

December - Air Tightness Installation

 Week 12 - Now that the roof is on we can start to install our full Air Tightness System as standard with all our homes.

Heat loss is a major contributor in dwellings and increases running costs and fuel costs as well as levels of discomfort through draughts and damp conditions. Installing an Air Tightness System reduces all these issues allowing for a warm, comfortable home environment.

Air Tightness installed in EcoHome Templepatrick

Air Tightness Installed - 1


Ait Tightness installed in EcoHome Templepatrick

Air Tightness Installed - 2

Air Tightness around Services in EcoHome Templepatrick

Air Tightness around Services

Air tightness membrane installed with all joints, services and penetrations sealed.

EcoHome Templepatrick stone to porch

Stone to Porch

Natural stone to feature front porch with feature stone heads and sills.


Front of Ecohome Templepatrick at 3 months


February - Week 14  After a very wet Christmas work started back on site with windows installed. We can now install Air Tightness tape to all windows and doors; minimising any draughts or heat loss.

Air Tight windows in EcoHome Templepatrick

Air Tight Windows

End of February - Week 17 All internal stud walls constructed and plastered.  

This photo shows feature shelves to main bathroom adding a subtle detail around the bath.

Templepatrick Ecohome feature shelves to bathroom

Feature Shelves to Bathroom

All finished floors installed just waiting to dry out. We can move on with the outside again.


floors poured in Ecohome Templepatrick

Floors Poured

Bay window now completed and clad with natural stone


Bay Window of Ecohome Templepatrick

Bay Window

Front porch now complete; house ready for plastering


Front view of EcoHome Templepatrick


EcoHome Templepatrick porch complete

Porch complete

Ecohome Templepatrick feature stone copings

Feature Stone Copings

Front porch of EcoHome Templepatrick


Front Porch

K-Rend finish fully applied outside; now almost complete. In this case the client upgraded to a low maintenance finish such as    K-Rend, which is a coloured render system.

Over to the client now to provide the internal finishes such as tiling, kitchens, painting etc.

K-Rend finished on EcoHome Templepatrick

K-Rend Finished

EcoHome Templepatrick front complete

Front Complete

Week 20 - Middle of May Outside works all complete and internal finishes also finished


View to kitchen in EcoHome Templepatrick

View to Kitchen

View ro bay window in Templepatrick EcoHome

View to Bay Window

View to front door in EcoHome Templepatrick

View to Front Door

View to landing in Ecohome Templepatrick

View to Landing

 This particular house features an open gallery landing with views to the entrance porch.

view to stairs in EcoHome Templepatrick

View to Stairs

view from Landing in EcoHome Templepatrick

View from Landing

Bathroom in EcoHome Templepatrick


finished feature bathroom shelves in EcoHome Templepatrick

Bathroom Shelves

Finished feature shelves around the bath - a simple effective detail.

Hot Press - back boiler system in EcoHome Templepatrick

Hot Press - Back Boiler System

Master ensuite in EcoHome Templepatrick

Master Ensuite

Feature shelves

Feature Shelves

Wood burning stove in EcoHome Templepatrick

Wood Burning Stove

All EcoHomes come with a Wood Burning Stove as standard. In this case the client upgraded to a back boiler stove feeding into the radiators.



Heat Recovery Ventilation System in EcoHome Templepatrick

Heat Recovery Ventilation System Installed

All EcoHomes have full heat recovery ventilation system as standard; this provides clean, fresh, warm air and works best in air tight dwellings.

Air test being carried out in EcoHome Templepatrick

Air Test being carried out

June 2014 - We carried out an air test for Building Control on our completed EcoHome with a result of 1.6 ACH. This is a massive improvement in standard construction which is normally around 5 ACH. At EcoHomes we are always striving to improve so we are aiming to get below 1 ACH heading towards passive level.