CTY 2a – New Dwellings in Existing Clusters

This is a new category introduced in the final publication of PPS21 and allows for a dwelling to be applied for at an existing cluster of development provided all the following points are met:

    The cluster of development lies outside of a farm and consists of four or more buildings, excluding buildings such as garages, outbuildings and open sided buildings of which at least three are dwellings.

  •     The cluster appears as a visual entity in the local area
  •     The cluster is associated with a focal point such as a social / community building/facility, or is located at a cross-roads etc.
  •     The site provides a suitable degree of enclosure and is bounded on at least two sides with other development in the building cluster.
  •     The site can integrated into the existing cluster through rounding off and consolidation and will not significantly alter its existing character.