Out on our latest visit to our ECOHome build in Ballyclare. Sun is shining and most of the blockwork is done!! The roof structure will be going on within the next few weeks which will really define the shape of the house. Keep watching for next post update.      FmK Architecture’s latest Bespoke ECOHome that has started on site near #Ballyclare. A traditional design with some modern twists, this house has been designed to our Ultra Low Energy Standard incorporating full airtightness, thermal bridge free detailing, high levels of insulation and advanced... Read More
Never content in our thirst for knowledge and our ethos of constant improvement, our FMK ECOHomes building team and our very own director Ronan McKee completed the intense 4day training program of Certified Passive House Tradesperson with everyone passing and getting their certification! This the utmost level of building standard in the world, Ensuring we have a brilliant team of tradesmen with superior knowledge in building low energy and passive homes using the latest materails from ECOHomes Store such as airtightness systems and thermal bridging products.This means we can deliver your very... Read More
FmK Architecture was founded in March 2009, by managing directors Jason Fleck & Ronan McKee.Since then FmK have went on to expand and specialise not only in Bespoke Dwellings & Extensions, they have also went on to specialise in low cost, low energy ECOHomes.In 2013 managing director Ronan McKee decided to embark on his very own selfbuild ECOHome.This blog will take you through all the highs and lows you can expect through the whole selfbuild process.The blog will be written by myself; Ronan McKee, as I go through the entire process. Hopefully you will find it interesting, informative... Read More
 Visualisation - Front Visualisation - BackVisualisation - Side View and Car PortOn Site - June 2015On Site - June 2015On Site - June 2015On Site - June 2015On Site - July 2015On Site - July 2015On Site - July 2015On Site - July 2015On Site - November 2015 On Site - November 2015On Site - November 2015On Site - December 2015On Site - December 2015On Site - December 2015On Site - 2015On Site - January 2016On Site - January 2016On Site - January 2016On Site - January 2016On Site - January 2016On Site - January 2016On Site - January 2016On Site - January 2016On Site - May 2016On... Read More
 June 2014July 2014July 2014August 2014August 2014August 2014August 2014August 2014August 2014September 2014September 2014 September 2014September 2014September 2014September 2014September 2014October 2014Completed Dwelling - June 2016Completed Dwelling - June 2016Completed Project - June 2016 Completed Rear ViewSide View - June 2016 Read More
On Site with our next FmK ECOHome On this ECOHome we have added further details in relation to air-tightness and cold-bridging. As a result we will have a super preforming low-energy, low-cost home.Here is a 3D Concept Image of what our next FmK ECOHome will look likeFront ElevationLike all our FmK ECOHomes, this one is enjoys a FULL-MASONRY build; taking all the benifits of the tried and tested cavity wall construction method; but with our innovative detailing and build spec, meaning an excellent low energy home!On SiteWorks started on site on 02nd September 2013.Founds have been poured... Read More