Bespoke ECOHome in Randalstown

Our Bespoke ECOHome near #randalstown has moved on well over the summer. Roof is now fully slated and the cladding stone added to the feature walls. work in now continuing with internal studwork and the application of the air tightness membranes and vtapes using our FMK specialist detailing to achieve the lowest air test result possible. External plastering will come soon which really bring the external to life.

Progress is being made at our bespoke ECOHome near Randalstown having reached first floor level and all major steel work in place. These views are from the main feature terrace and enclosed patio area. All FMK thermal bridging details are being built in to the critical areas including our specialist Compacfoam used for thermal thresholds. Keep an eye out for further posts on this one!!

Good progress at our bespoke ECOHome near #randalstown with the good weather having reached roof construction stage with slates going on soon. Project schedule and budget are on course with all going well on the build. Keep an eye for next post with windows installed.