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What Is Airtightness & Why Is It Important?

...21.11.22 Air tightness is the means of decreasing draughts and cold spots within a home to make your home warmer, more comfortable and of course cost effective for your energy bills.

A standard built house can leak air that you have paid to heat up to 5 times the full house volume per hour. That is a dramatic heat loss considering the cost of heating. Making the building airtight can reduce this to around 1 air change per hour.

Making a home airtight is a one-off investment & low costs strategy requiring no maintenance or replacement for the functional life of the building while ensuring a warmer more comfortable home all year round, and… you will greatly reduce your energy bills!!

At FmK, we specialise in the design and installation of airtight detailing & junctions with passive airtight ratings of below 0.6 air changers / hour being achieved on our masonry build at final air test stage.

With over 10 years’ experience of designing & applying airtightness and other low energy standards in our designs, FmK is the logical choice.

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