SelfBuild Ireland has featured one of FmK's designs

...31.03.2021 FmK Architecture has featured in the Self Build Ireland Magazine!

This home was given a re-design from a traditional to very modern design with a wrap-around home with a south facing courtyard. The main element is a two-storey box which passes through a flat roof link then into a single storey wrap around floor plan onto the garage creating the courtyard effect. The main element is the front entrance onto the main entrance hall with a guess suite and a spare room/study.

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This is a self-build home which has been finished with a brilliant attention to detail with a mix of modern and traditional materials such a natural stone, timber cladding and zinc cladding to feature dormers. The main front elevation of the house has the timber cladded porch and zinc cladded dormer windows including a zinc cladded flat roof link, leading onto the single storey kitchen, dining, and living spaces. The main courtyard is framed with a large natural stone arch leading onto the courtyard behind. As you approach the courtyard there is lots of natural stone landscape planters which leads into the south facing patio area, where all the main areas of the house open out onto, such as the living room, kitchen and entrance hall looking over it. The garage forms another leg of the courtyard and features a flat roof covered car port area which is zinc cladded and some natural timber.