FmK Low energy home near Clough gets ECOHome Air Tightness Test

...11.03.2021 Our latest visit to our FMK low-energy home near Clough brings the work to the first fix completion stage and, more importantly for an ECOHome, the airtightness stage. 😃

This has to done to a high level of workmanship and following our specialist detailing that results in an airtight construction.👌

You can see from the photos one of the main areas being around windows and doors with all the junctions being fully taped and sealed. You can also see the blue Blowerproof paint on airtight membrane applied at the floor to wall junction.

All the junctions in the building are treated this way to eliminate air penetration and this is tested by FmK with our own blower door kit.

This pressurises the house and allows for any air leaks to be detected and fixed at this stage. It would be too late to try and fix problems later on, so this pre-air test is invaluable and results in better results when the official air test is carried out. 😎😎

All the airtightness materials used on our projects supplied by ECOHomes Store 😍


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